Wednesday, March 12, 2014

01.18.14: Highlights of Our Wedding Day

We're nearing our 2nd month mark as husband and wife and I still haven't posted our wedding day story. Since our day went on in a blur, I'll just recount the moments which I consider as highlights of our special day. 
  • My day started really early. I planned to wake up by 7am but I guess my mind was already up in the clouds the night before because I forgot that our ninang Janis will arrive from Singapore on Saturday dawn and will head straight to the hotel we're staying. And so at 6am of Jan18, a call from the hotel front desk woke me to say that I have a guest downstairs. After ninang Janis fitted her dress (which she just saw for the 1st time), we just chatted for a bit and decided to nap for a few more minutes. 
  • By 7:30, my cousin/MOH who's also staying at the hotel called for breakfast. And so my mom and cousin/bridesmaid went down to meet them and leaving ninang Janis to catch some snooze. We had a good meal but I wasn't able to eat much. As we were leaving Corniche, we saw Adrin's parents and youngest sister waiting for their turn to be seated. 
  • Once back in our room, I fixed my stuff a bit and proceeded to take a bath. I was torn on wearing my prep dress because I'm not sure if the neckline of my dress will be a "sagabal" when I had my hair and make up done. It was 9:15am and I was ready for the suppliers to come at this point. 
My prep dress. This was the photo I posted on Instagram on our wedding day.
  • First supplier arrived by 9:30am, and I was so surprised because it was Hana, my talented gown designer! The night before, they already delivered the gown at the hotel and set it up for pictorial. Since they are not needed until the time I change into my gown, they whiled their time at the restaurants near the hotel.

My gown as delivered by Hana the night before
  • After Hana and her angels left the room, April and Manny came. They were surprised to see me in a bath robe and went on apologizing for arriving early. I just told them off that I was actually happy to see them there really early. They went on to shoot our wedding and personal accessories. :)
  • In 10mins, Abby and the rest of the KTG team arrived. As my lead coordinator, Abby initiated the turnover. I explained to her all the boxes I prepared with all our accessories and program materials. I also gave her instructions for the jams, wines, and beers. Most importantly, I gave her the envelopes containing final payments to our suppliers. To ensure completeness, each item was checked against the list I sent her a day before. 

The boxes I transitioned to KTG team
  • Right after Abby and I completed the transition of responsibilities and materials, Mama Val's team arrived -- this is around 10am already. They started working on my mom and cousins, then soon after Mama Val himself arrived. As soon as he setup his work area, he went right into the business of making me exceptionally beautiful that day. 

Mama Val doing my hair
  • While my hair is being done, Ms. Janet of Scenta Creations arrived with her assistants and I was so so happy with all the arrangements she did for the entire entourage especially my bouquet.

Flowers for my girls and for the moms
  • Hair and makeup was completed by 11:30am so I then changed to my prep dress and just observed my family and friends. 

With my mom and Adrin's mom
Bridesmaid Joy and MOH Lianne
  • By noon, I was asked my one of the KTG girls to eat my lunch in a corner while everyone else is busy with their own tasks (makeup, picture, etc). It coincided with the arrival of Sir Mel and his team from Ariel Javelosa Photography. 
  • After eating, Mama Val did a quick retouch on my make up. This is when Airin, Adrin's sister, came into the room and gave me Adrin's letter and gift. Reading only into the first line of his letter and I'm already in tears. Haha. And the gift, an iPad Mini with Retina display! Yey!

Airin delivering Adrin's letter and gift to me
Reading Adrin's letter
  • As soon as Mama Val did the last sweep of his brush on my face, I was whisked away by our photographers to do some portrait and detail shots. More pictorial followed with me wearing my accessories, my dress and my shoes. And of course the group shots with my family and entourage. It was a bit tiring and I got conscious doing all those poses with everyone watching your every move. I now understand how celebrities feel and yes, it's not an easy job. :)

Removing the dress from the body form
My MOH buttoning up my dress
Pictorial again
  • The time to leave the hotel came. Angel, my sweet assistant was with me in the bridal car and I can sense that she's assessing how I was feeling. She engaged me into small talk probably to entertain and calm me down. And before I know it, we're at the church already and I can see our family and friends looking their best for our special day. 

Going down Diamond Hotel's staircase
  • As time ticked by, I got nervous to finally face THE DOOR. Yes, it's probably the best moment that will make you feel nervous. Standing outside the church and waiting for it to open is the point where you'll realize that there's really no turning back. Hehe.

Standing in front of San Agustin's magnificent doors
  • It slowly swung open and I started seeing the altar, the pews, and next our guests. I started walking and I can hear our Abby telling me to walk slower. And so I did try doing the "step-close-step-close" method but it felt awkward so I switched back to the normal stride. I can see my Mom waiting for me along the nave and I can also see the guests excitedly peering over to the point that they blocked the view from Adrin. Haha.

Bridal march
  • The mass went like a blur. We just went with the flow and before we know it, Adrin was already given the permission to kiss me. 

Our nuptial mass at San Agustin Church
Drinking the blessed wine
Married now! See the ring on my right hand? :)
With our parents
Making our way to the door
  • As planned, we had our pictorial at The Ruins inside the church's seminary. We included our entourage for some photos and then they left us for our postnup shoot. We had almost and hour to shoot and by the time we left, the sun has fully set.

Our entire entourage at San Agustin's Ruins
  • Our journey to Grandview was fairly quick that when we arrived there, our guests are still having fun at the cocktails area. We went straight to the holding area and met with Abby and Darlene to update us on the happenings. Mama Val came in for our retouch and my 2nd hairstyle. Jomar, the captain waiter assigned for our event served us with dinner since we still have a few minutes to eat. We even managed to practice our dance before being called for our grand entrance.

This was displayed on our registration table
Our escort cards and giveaways :)
Our office mate Ashley, being assisted by KTG girl Arbee
Ethel, another office mate, searching for her escort card
  • As we entered the hall, everyone was smiling and cheering us on. Darlene prompted for our first dance which was a medley of 3 songs. It started slow with the waltz, then picked up some beat with boogie, and was capped by an upbeat Whoops Kiri. The last part was a surprise for everyone and they were cheering us because we're no dancers and you won't see us performing in front of a crowd on a normal basis. 

Doing our waltz
Then boogie
And finally Whoops Kiri
  • The buffet table was opened and we had the usual pictorial with each table. While they eat, we also munched on some sweets and just savored that small window of quiet moment for us.
  • The program rolled as planned -- dinner, epic name that tune game, roses and garters throwing..we witnessed everyone having fun and laughing their hearts out. There were moments where Adrin and I would just look around, observe everyone and everything, and make that mental picture of how our wedding unraveled.

Name That Tune game
With the winning table for Name That Tune
With the single ladies
Adrin with the single gentlemen
Roses and Garters game
Winners of our Instagram game
  • MOH and Best Man gave their speeches. My MOH researched a bit on what to say and quoted some famous lines about marriage while Adrin's best man recalled that memorable instance we had in Shijuku, Japan last year. 

The MOH's speech and Best Man's toast
  • Our SDE was finally shown and we're so happy of the short film made for our special day. It captured a lot of moments and faces and was really a good summary of our special day. =)
  • We ended the program by saying our thank you messages and inuman/kwentuhan soon followed. Booze was consumed and we drank whatever each shot that was handed to us by our guests. They ensured that we had a good time and got drunk. Haha!

A shot with P&G colleagues
Enjoying our mobile bar
So that's it, a rundown of what transpired during our special day. I will never get tired recounting each moment because it brings back the warm, light, and happy feeling of that entire day. A sure way to put a smile across my face. =)

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Our Special Day in 5 Minutes :)

First off, apologies for neglecting this blog for several weeks now. As you may know from our wedding ticker, Adrin and I finally tied the knot. It has been a pretty perfect day for us and all that we can recall about it is the joy and love that we felt. :)

I know I still owe you the rundown of events for that day, and I'd like to request for a bit more time since our days after the wedding has been quite a whirlwind. Supplier ratings is also at the top of my blog priorities and these will be posted in the upcoming weeks.

For now, allow me to share with you our special day through our Same-Day-Edit video by Ariel Javelosa Photography. Hope you like it. :)

Friday, January 03, 2014

Enlisting Ourselves at SM Gift Registry

Thinking that not all of our guests frequents/lives near Rustan's, we decided to also enlist with SM's gift registry. Unlike Rustan's, SM accommodates registries not only for weddings, but also for birthdays, baptisms, etc. Each event is assigned a specific number to each event and clients will be created an online account where one can track his/her events and see the wishlist chosen.

We got our event kit (contains the invitation inserts and discount coupons) from SM Megamall when we went there one time, but due to the on-going 3-day sale at the time, they could not accommodate us to make rounds and build our list. We were told that we can do the picking anytime and in any other SM store. This is an advantage for us since we rarely visit Megamall and would most likely be visiting SM Makati of MOA next. 

And I was right, because a week after that, Adrin and I decided to check out SM Makati and do some window shopping for our registrty. We skipped some of the categories we already covered with Rustan's but still ensured we had duplicates of the common household items so we can also provide a cheaper alternative to our guests. 

After about an hour of making rounds on the vast Home section of SM Makati, we completed our second gift registry. We bade the staff goodbye and continued on to our next agenda that day. Registering with SM is also an easy breezy experience and it's worth checking out for every occasion that will come along. =)

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Our Stationery Suite

Making our own invitations pushed Adrin to learn creating designs and layouts in the computer. Before all these madness, both of us have zero skills and knowledge in that department. Because of pressure his perseverance, he was able to completely layout our invites and the other print outs we need for the wedding. Here, I show you the rest of our stationeries ready for printing. 

Misalette Cover

Menu Card

Table Number - VIP

Table Number - Guests

Note Cards

Aren't they lacey and dainty? I'm just one proud fiancee! =)