Sunday, August 12, 2012

Trip to Beads Heaven: Wellmanson

August has come and the hustle and bustle of work is slowly dwindling down. Folks in our office have already planned for their leaves to recharge and refresh before work takes an uphill climb again. Of course I’m also taking this lean time to hibernate from the corporate life and turn my attention to our wedding planning.

I can use this time to work on some DIYs, and at the top of my list is our wedding cord made out of beads. But before I can proceed with this new activity, we must source out the materials first. I haven't tried bead work before and just followed the advice of some former brides out there to check out Wellmanson. According to them, it is the best place for beading supplies. Since we’re not available on the upcoming weekends, we decided to buy the materials on a weekday before going to the office. We intend to go to their bigger outlet which is in Quiapo (the other one is in Divisoria), and ensured to check that the flooding in that area from last week’s bad weather has already subsided.

And so, last Friday, Adrin picked me up from Roxas Blvd. around 10am and went straight to SM City Manila to park his car. It is not recommended to drive it all the way to Quiapo without a sure parking. From SM, we walked towards Manila City Hall where we rode a jeep going to Quiapo/Espana area. We alighted right across the church, and took the underpass to get to Plaza Miranda just outside the Basilica of the Black Nazarene. From there, we instantly saw the street where Wellmanson is located.

Setting foot into the store, I was in awe with all the trinkets, supplies, materials, and what-nots that I saw. We found various types of materials for fancy personal effects like necklace, bracelets, and even earrings. They have the strings of beads hung on the wall, while the small wires, eyepins, etc. were carefully packed and stored in the shelves. Not to mention the ready-made accessories (keychains, necklace, bangles, bracelets, rings, etc.) that will surely brighten any fashionista’s day. Rosary materials and religious artifacts are also up for grabs together with some interesting day-to-day items (mugs, tumblers, japanese dolls, vases, etc.).

We carefully picked out our necessary materials out of the varied bead types, colors, and sizes. After which, I stashed into our basket a couple packs of eye pins and bead crowns based on the beaded cord I pictured in my mind. Naks, imaginative. Haha! Of course I did not forget to buy my beading tools, as well  as letter pendants of our initials that I plan to attach to the cord to make it more personalized. After more than an hour, we paid for all our finds and happily traced our way back to SM City Manila. Gosh, I’m so excited to start this project. :)

Here are some pictures of our wedding cord materials.

I'll update you on my progress with our wedding cord soon. If you're also interested to visit Wellmanson, you can refer to their address and contact numbers below.

Wellmanson Sewing Notion Inc.
Address: 229 Villalobos St., Quiapo, Manila
Tel. Number: (02) 733-6270 /  (02) 734-4475
Fax Number: (02) 733-6269


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  1. Oooh! This is very helpful! Went to Quaipo to buy the beads for our DIY wedding cord too but didn't find bead caps... Now I know where exactly to get them. :) Thanks!
    PS. I super love the finish product of your DIY wedding cord, congrats! :)